Why Is Grand Comfort
The Optimal Solution
For A Plumbing Business?

Technology is driving the speed of business. With all the tools, sales techniques, marketing strategies, and equipment at your disposal, you are in the driver’s seat.

Our Mission In The Plumbing Industry

Our goal is to create teams of individuals nationwide who love home services, and embrace the creative and collaborative culture of winning.

We are winning when our clients enjoy running water and cleaner homes.

We are winning when we grow our businesses and become leaders in our community and inspire young ones to become entrepeneurs.

When everyone can live the American dream, we are winning.

“Building one of the fastest growing home services businesses in the country is an honor, but turning into a GC Plus Model is our labor of love.”
- Maxym Sereda
Co-Founder of Grand Comfort

Our Values At Grand Comfort

Currently, in the United States, there are 500,000 plumbers. Many of them want to have their own businesses and be their own bosses. And in the land of the free, why shouldn’t they?
Grand Comfort is here to empower the small business owner.

Dedication to the Craft

Focus on what you are great at and double down is our model. Not everyone is a marketer or tech guru.

Customer Centric

Customer satisfaction is the key to brand trust and the growth of our brand. Always focus on delivering the best customer experience.

Be a Leader in the Community

Give back to the community and help / encourage others. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Embrace Change

There’s no point in complaining about change in the market due to technology and the business climate. You must adapt to thrive.

Why We Are Different

A team of specialists will support every aspect of your business while you are focusing on your craft.
Dispatching, scheduling, customer service, and business planning are just the beginning.

Full Team

A fully dedicated team to help you grow and manage your business from all angles.

3-5 Scheduled Appointments

Guaranteed appointments everyday so you can focus mainly on what you do best.

Wrapped Van & Equipment

All your essential plumbing equipment and more including a fully wrapped van.

Established Brand

Work under a name with reputation and customer success rates that leverage your business.

Ongoing & Dedicated Support

Continous support at every step to ensure your success and training from your remote team.

Big Family Network Nationwide

Learn from business owners just like you in all parts of the country with our network of franchisees.

Traditional Franchise Model

Traditional franchise companies expect you to do most of the all the heavy lifting in marketing and sales. We believe that there is a better way.

Huge Startup Fees

Many franchise companies charge astronomical startup fees that put your finances at risk and put you on a hamster wheel of payments.

No Support Staff For Your Business

Go it alone or hiring your own support staff as a startup business can cost you dearly.

Long Term Commitment

Many franchise companies have restrictive agreements that put a long-term obligation on your shoulders.

Long-Term Success Rate:
Average ROI In First Year:
Year Over Year (YoY) Growth Average:
What You Didn't Know:

Traditional Franchise Companies Do Not Disclose That You Will NEED to do your own Hiring, Build Your Own Team and Spend a lot of money on finding the right employees to help you manage your business.

Grand Comfort Model

We have a new project idea that applies an Uber-like model to the home service market. We believe this approach will be a marketgame changer.

No Initial Investment Needed

Our plumbers can produce sales and profits from day one with no initial investment needed to start.

Full-Service Support & Admin Team

We provide all plumbers with remote dispatching team, Scheduling Specialist, Managers & more!

Short Commitment Time

Our minimum agreement period is one year. This puts the plumber in control of his future plans

Long-Term Success Rate:
Average ROI In The First Year:
Year Over Year (YoY) Growth Average:
What You Didn't Know:

When you open a GC Plus Model you get a team of 10 specialized proffesionals that focus on managing your business and allow you to focus on what you do best with no added stress.

See What You Can Be Making With Our Franchise Model

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See The Results

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