What Sets GC Plus Model Apart from Regular Franchise Companies?
September 23, 2020
6 min read

At Grand Comfort, we’re proud to be a plumbing franchise company that truly serves our partners and helps them achieve the success they’ve been dreaming of. But how exactly is Grand Comfort different, and how can we help you become more successful and fulfilled in your work? We’ll tell you.

Motivated Owners

Grand Comfort has set itself apart from other plumbing franchise companies right from the start. It began when plumbing technician Rafael Zeitunian found himself fed up with many of the issues facing individual plumbers every day: too few calls, bad communication with the office, insufficient pay, cheap equipment, and the list goes on and on. One day, he expressed his frustrations to his roommate Max, who just so happens to be a marketing expert. Max knew how to get customers in the door, and together he and Rafael were on their way to forming a truly successful plumbing company.

Once they discovered the key to success, they couldn’t wait to spread the word and help stop the struggling that so many other plumbers were facing. Grand Comfort holds this motivation and determination to this day. The company places a strong emphasis on digital marketing that helps to accelerate sales, and they take advantage of the most cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency. In just a few years, Grand Comfort has grown to over $10 million in revenue with more than 20 employees. 

Effective Marketing Strategies

In any industry, marketing is key to finding clients and building your brand’s reputation. But most businesses, especially new companies or smaller operations, don’t have the money to spend on a marketing expert or the time to learn how to market themselves effectively, let alone do the actual marketing! What’s worse, not every plumbing franchise company does a great job of marketing for you, leaving you on your own when they’re supposed to be the ones on your side. Many franchise companies don’t even advertise for you at all, instead leaving each individual franchise to advertise for themselves.

Grand Comfort recognizes the impact that solid marketing can have on your company. That’s why we handle all your marketing activities internally with our Marketing Specialists and Success Managers. These professionals know the ins and outs of marketing your businesses, saving you the hassle of hiring someone yourself or figuring out the best strategies. Plus, when you’re displaying the Grand Comfort name, you get to share in our stellar reputation and immediately find clients who already know and trust us! We can market in any area that you select, giving you even more control over your jobs, and we always advertise for expensive jobs that will pay you fairly.

Consistent Work Opportunities

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from individual plumbers or small plumbing companies is low call volume. Some days, a plumber might have five appointments scheduled, but then the phone barely rings for the next week. This simple issue is holding back so many deserving plumbing technicians from starting their own business. What’s more, even if a technician is receiving calls, they may be unsatisfied with the pay or the area that they’re working in. When appointments aren’t coming in that often, you might feel like you need to take every job that comes your way just so you can support yourself and your business.

Many franchise companies try to bring in whatever jobs come available so that they have more money to line their investors’ pockets. But we know we aren’t successful unless you are. That’s why we only make money when you make money. Over our years of success, we’re lucky enough that we can now choose what jobs we want to take and what areas we want to work in, giving you the benefit of consistent appointments in good areas with high pay. Grand Comfort guarantees an average of 3-5 appointments per day for our plumbers, while many other franchise companies don’t even guarantee any appointments at all.

Lower Franchise Fee with More Benefits

Probably the biggest factor that sets us apart from other plumbing franchise companies is our franchise fee. When you agree to a franchise fee with any company, you’re putting your trust in them to take you where you want to go. It’s common to expect standard features like marketing, appointment scheduling, access to equipment, and more. Unfortunately, like we mentioned, many plumbing franchise companies are in the business for themselves and aim to take as much money as they can from unsuspecting small operations. Often, you’re stuck paying a huge franchise fee and not getting a lot out of it, causing you even more frustration and stress.

At Grand Comfort, we’ve seen firsthand just how frustrating it can be when you sign on with a plumbing franchise company that simply takes your money and leaves you hanging. That’s why, instead of charging fees anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000 like other companies do, we only charge $8,800 for your franchise fee. This fee includes an entire team of 8 professionals at your disposal (meaning you don’t have to rent your own office space or hire anyone), high quality equipment, a wrapped van with shelving, an iPad to keep track of appointments and other business tasks, and so much more. We don’t want money to be the reason you haven’t started your own plumbing business, which is why we do everything we can to keep costs low, reduce your risk, and handle all overheads. 

How to Become a Grand Comfort Franchise

Grand Comfort truly has so much to offer to our franchise partners, and we’re proud to be helping so many technicians become fulfilled and satisfied with their jobs. If you’re interested in joining the Grand Comfort family, your journey will begin with a 15-minute pre-qualification call. This call gives us a chance to get to know each other and determine whether Grand Comfort will be a good fit for your business goals, as well as if you are a good match for the Grand Comfort team. Contact us today to learn more about starting a franchise with Grand Comfort!

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