How You Can Save Money by Starting a GC Plus Business Model
September 23, 2020
6 min read

It’s no secret that starting a business takes money, and often, a lot of it. If you’ve ever considered starting your own plumbing business, or if you’ve already started one, you know this fact firsthand. Even if you’re bringing in a significant amount of appointments, you might be left with little profit after covering all the expenses associated with your business. So, how can you be truly successful in starting a plumbing business?

At Grand Comfort, we’re passionate about helping plumbing specialists start their own businesses and helping small plumbing companies find their true potential. Many small companies consider turning to bigger plumbing franchises to run their business, but unfortunately, many of these companies charge upwards of $100,000 (or more!) in franchise fees. Not only does Grand Comfort charge significantly less, but we also give you more for your money and help you make more along the way. Here’s how.

Equipment Costs

Especially when you’re first starting out, equipment is a huge expense. For all of your basic equipment, including sewer cameras, locators, small and large rodding machines, hydro jetting machines, etc., costs can quickly exceed $20,000. You’ll also need a company van to transport everything from job to job, and having your company logo printed on the vehicle can help do some advertising for you as you drive around town. However, it’s not uncommon to have to shell out $30,000 or more for a new van, and even if you opt for a used vehicle, you’re still looking at several thousand dollars. And these equipment costs don’t even begin to cover office space, computers, or tablets you’ll need to handle scheduling and other administrative tasks.

Grand Comfort provides all of this equipment for you when you become a franchise. All of your essential plumbing equipment is included in your franchise fee so that you can get started with jobs right away. One of the best pieces of equipment we provide is a sewer pipe camera kit, which helps ensure you’re providing the best service to your clients. We also help you get a fully wrapped company van through our Franchise Vehicle Purchase Program, which helps establish your credibility and get the word out around town. Finally, you’ll get a company iPad to help you manage and schedule appointments in one convenient place. 

Marketing Expenses

Many plumbing business owners don’t think about marketing as an expense, but the costs can rack up quickly. While word of mouth is a wonderful and free way to market your business, it’s hard to get good reviews when you’re first starting out. You’ll need to spend time marketing your business in your area, whether that’s with your own website, social media accounts, or any number of non-digital marketing methods. On average, plumbing companies spend an average of 780 hours per year on marketing and lead generation, which is about $78,000 of potentially missed revenue. And even if you choose to hire your own marketing professional to save yourself time, you’ll still have to pay them their wages.

Grand Comfort provides all the marketing support for you so you can just watch the jobs roll in. Our in-house team includes a Marketing Specialist that can help you generate business leads both online and offline. One big aspect of marketing your business is having a good reputation, and with the Grand Comfort logo on your van, your customers will see a name they already know and trust, leading to more business for you right off the bat. Best of all, you can let us know what areas you want to work in, and our team will target the best, most profitable jobs in those areas. 

Website Maintenance

You can’t properly market a business without a good website. While there are tons of free or cheap website creation platforms out there, you still have to spend the time creating the website and managing it if anything goes wrong. With an average of 260 hours spent per year on website maintenance, that’s about $26,000 of potentially missed revenue for your plumbing company. Unfortunately, web professionals like IT support and web designers don’t usually come cheap.

At Grand Comfort, you’ll have a customized professional website right away. The internet is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing your business, and our websites will help your business reach its full potential. Your site will have the Grand Comfort signature branding along with customized location information for your customers’ convenience. Your website will be optimized for mobile viewing so customers can find you right from their phones, and you’ll have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure your website shows up on the first page of Google results.

Customer Support

No business would be successful without satisfied customers. Of course, sometimes you’ll run into a customer who has an issue with your services. Having a dedicated customer support representative is key to making sure these problems are solved and you’re still left with a happy customer at the end of the day. The average plumbing business spends an average of 364 hours per year on customer support, which is about $36,400 of potentially missed revenue. Again, you could hire representatives for this, but that’s just more people you have to pay. You’ll need at least two dispatchers to cover morning, day, and evening shifts, which will cost you at least $64,000 per year, not to mention the training you’ll have to provide.

Grand Comfort handles all your customer support for you, leaving you to focus on the aspects of your business that you truly enjoy. On your team, you’ll have a Remote Dispatcher, Scheduling Specialist, Office Manager, and Success Manager that all help keep your customers satisfied and handle any disputes. If anything does get out of hand, you’ll also have a Legal Specialist to advise you. All of these incredible professionals and their services are included with your franchise fee, saving you both time and money.

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Starting a plumbing company as a Grand Comfort franchise is one of the best ways to save money, streamline your business, and be successful right from the start. While other plumbing franchise companies charge $100,000+ to sign on with them, Grand Comfort has a low franchise fee of just $8,800. If you’re interested in starting your plumbing business with Grand Comfort, contact us today to schedule your 15-minute prequalification call.

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