Grand Comfort For Current Plumbing Business Owners

Everything you need to run a successful plumbing business without the aches and pains of marketing, lead-generation, appointment settings, and day to day administration and paperwork.

“We let you focus on what you do best. We take care of the rest”
Maxym Cerada
Co-Founder of Grand Comfort

Grand Comfort Removes
The Burden Of Running
Your Business

Running your own plumbing company can be an everyday challenging feat. More often than not, revenue and sales are lost due to the multiple day-to-day operations and admin work needed to run your business. Grand Comfort removes that burden from your shoulder.

We know your time is worth a lot! That's why we've taken all administrative responsibilities off of your shoulders.

Human Resource

Hiring, training, time management, and legal questions. Hiring help is more expensive than their hourly rate

Average Of 300 Hours Spent Per Year
$30,000 Potentially Missed Revenue.
Team Management

Keeping an eye and all your employees drains productivity. Let our systems automate your business.

Average Of 532 Hours Spent Per Year
$53,200 Potentially Missed Revenue.

Back and forth scheduling jobs becomes a big problem as you grow. Especially when you are so focused on the task at hand.

Average Of 416 Hours Spent Per Year
$41,600 Potentially Missed Revenue.
Marketing & Lead Generation

Marketing requires a lot of creative input and money to run effectively. Our in-house creative teams has everything you need to start generating new business.

Average Of 780 Hours Spent Per Year
$78,000 Potentially Missed Revenue.
Website Maintenance

Many low cost website services are being pitched to business owners that don't address the needs to an active plumber business. We have it all taken care of.

Average Of 260 Hours Spent Per Year
$26,000 Potentially Missed Revenue.
Customer Support

We love our customers, they allow us to do what we love. But as business owners we strive on resolving customer support issues quickly with great feedback from our clients.

Average Of 364 Hours Spent Per Year
$36,400 Potentially Missed Revenue.

We Focus On Your Growth

As a unique GC Plus Model, we do things a bit different. Most Franchises will only give you the guidance and tools needed to run your business with the hopes that you’ll “do your best”. We take your business serious and our focus is to ensure your success. This is exactly why we take care of all the stress from running your own business into our own hands.

Grand Comfort’s Marketing Guarantee

Full-Service Advertising & Lead Generation

You’ll never have to think about marketing or advertising again as we bring guaranteed appointments to you!

3-5 Leads / Day

Receive 3-5 appointments per day, per technician, GURANTEED!

Access To Our Ad Services

Get access to our full-service and reputation management services.

No Vetting Required

We guarantee proficitablility with a strict price book optimized for yoiur bottom line.

“I used to take every job, but sticking to the system makes sure I have work / life balance and profitability.”
Grand Comfort Plumber
“Once I got past the idea that I needed my employer for work, I was ready to start a business. And the GC guys were ready to get me started within a month.”
Grand Comfort Plumber
“Having gone through the whole on-boarding experience, I would definitely say I would do it again, there were so many aspects to this business that I would be lost without the guidance.”
Grand Comfort Plumber
“Work smarter not harder, we follow this philosophy and our business has benefitted greatly. ”
Grand Comfort Plumber

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