The Unique Business Model For Plumbers Who Want To Maximize Their Income And Eliminate The Frustrating Day to Day Admin Work.

See why we are different.
Low Risk, Fast Reward

When you start a business with Grand Comfort, you will receive appointments immediately, and start off profitable within your first few months.

No Start Up Investment Needed

Overhead is a start-up business’s worse nightmare, we don't require an initial investment in order to start your new plumbing business.

Highly Profitable

One of the most important aspects of running a plumbing business is booking the right clients, and a price book that is profitable and scalable.

Why Grand Comfort?

There are countless expert plumbers who are eager to start their own businesses, but unfortunately, they are gambling with their savings without a proven model for success.

The Grand Comfort model is like the Uber of the home services market. Today service providers and end-users alike want service on-demand, with transparent pricing, and reliable results.

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The Unique Plumbing Model

Currently, in the United States, there are 500,000 plumbers. Most of them want to have their own companies and be their own bosses. So far, there are only two ways to do this. First, plumbers can open new companies and handle all of the related challenges on their own – hiring employees, managing teams, etc.

The second option is to buy an existing plumbing franchise from another company. Currently, nine plumbing franchises lead the market. They are all growing slowly as they face the same set of issues. Our project aims to make this process easier, cheaper and less stressful.

Working As An Employee
No Growth Potential

As an employee, you will generally make an hourly rate or monthly salary with little room for growth.

Some Support

Large companies do have support staff to take care of administrative tasks, but they work towards their profit margins, not your own.

Uncertain Financial Stability

Companies need to generate a profit for their owners, and if cutting staff is necessary to that end, you may be next on the chopping block.

Benefits The Corporate Company
Traditional Franchise Model
High Startup Costs

Initial Investment requirements that fall between $80,000 to $450,000, funding impossible for most.

Lack Of Support

Franchises do not provide necessary support, arming plumbers only with instructions of steps to take.

Long-Term Contracts

10+ years of commitments, and buyout clauses, which make it risky for technicians to take the first step.

Benefits The Franchise Company
Grand Comfort All-In-One Model
No Initial Investment Needed

Our model can produce sales and profits from day one with no initial investment needed to start.

Highest Level Of Support

We take care of everything like Advertising, Dispatching, Scheduling, Business Management, Accounting & more while you only focus on selling.

Guaranteed Daily Appointments

We provide all plumbers with 3-5 guaranteed scheduled appointments on average every day per technician

Short Commitment Time

Our minimum agreement period is one year. This puts the plumber in control of his future plans.

Benefits The Plumber/Owner

What's Included For Plumbers In The GC Plus Model

A team of specialists will support every aspect of your business while you are focusing on your craft.
Dispatching, scheduling, customer service, and business planning are just the beginning.

Full Team

A fully dedicated team to help you grow and manage your business from all angles.

3-5 Scheduled Appointments

Guaranteed appointments everyday so you can focus mainly on what you do best.

Wrapped Van & Equipment

All your essential plumbing equipment and more including a fully wrapped van.

Established Brand

Work under a name with reputation and customer success rates that leverage your business.

Ongoing & Dedicated Support

Continous support at every step to ensure your success and training from your remote team.

Big Family Network Nationwide

Learn from business owners just like you in all parts of the country with our network of GC Plumbers

Who Is This Grand Comfort Model Built For? New Or Current Business Owners?

The Answer Is BOTH.
For Independent Contractors

A perfect opportunity for hardworking plumbers who want to flip the script and take full control of their revenue

For Plumbing Companies

Perfect for current plumbing businesses who want to streamline their workflow to focus on what they do best.

See How Our Grand Comfort Plumbers Are Running A Successful Business

Our plumbers results speak for themselves. Hear the success our partners are generating using our grand comfort model.

“Since working in Grand Comfort I’ve tripled my net income from my prior gig as an employee. I’m really enjoying the independence Grand Comfort has afforded me ”
- Randy
Grand Comfort Plumber

“I really like the weekly meetings with the Success Managers, they put me on track to growing my numbers and getting to the next level with my business.”

Matthew C.
Grand Comfort Plumber

“Not having to worry about missing an appointment is my favorite thing about being with GC.”

Felipe A.
Grand Comfort Plumber

“I’ve had a terrific experience so far, I recommend it to any plumber who wants to venture out on their own.”

Ty L.
Grand Comfort Plumber

See What You Can Be Making With Our Franchise Model

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Input your current sales numbers and earnings to compare with the Grand Comfort model.

See The Results

The results you see are the potential earnings you can be making based on our franchisees with the same volume

Ready To Start Your Own Plumbing Company?

There’s never been a way to earn this level of income without the risk and responsibility of business ownership, until now.

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